Plan It Piqua Comprehensive Plan 2007 Update (PDF)

Development Department Interactive Zoning Map (Interactive GIS Map)

Piqua Zoning Map (PDF)

City of Piqua Zoning Code
Instructions for accessing the Zoning Code on the American Legal web page:
1) Choose Title XV: Land Usage (listed on left)
2) Choose Chapter 154: Zoning

Plan It Piqua Redevelopment Analysis Report 2010 (PDF)

Riverfront District Development Strategy 2013 (PDF)

Historic East Piqua Master Plan 2015 (PDF)

Piqua Placemaking Initiative Handbook and Master Plan 2016 (PDF)

Collaborative Development/Tourism Plan 2017 (PDF)

Piqua Community Center Campus Plan 2017 (PDF)

Piqua Comprehensive Parks Master Plan 2017 (PDF)